Murder Mystery

A traditional murder mystery involves the audience being entertained by the cast for the duration of the event. A murder will normally take place at the start of the event and the cast will then enact a number of scenes.The audience will over hear the cast interactions and gather clues to ascertain the relationships between different characters. At the end of the night the audience will be asked to submit their answer as to who the murderer is. This may be in teams or individually. A final scene is enacted to reveal the murderer and a prize is awarded to one lucky individual who answered correctly.

Each person attending receives a pack, which contains a program of events with space to write notes and a pen.

We also do themed murder mysteries, which involve set dressing the location to reflect the theme and providing table novelties for the attendees. Themes include but are not restricted to 1920's, Victorian, Western, Medieval and Halloween.

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Murder Mystery
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