Mystery In Mind organise and run Murder Mystery and Live Action Role-playing events throughout the UK.

We are dedicated to the provision of high levels of quality, creativity and service within the area of entertainment and have over 10 years experience in the organisation of events. Although currently based in Berkshire we can travel to many different locations throughout Britain.

Events may be a traditional style murder mystery where the audience is entertained by cast members throughout the night, after which they have to guess "who dunnit?" or fully interactive live role-playing where everybody takes part and tries to achieve their own goals.

We organise events in many different genres. Some of the most popular examples are: Classic Detective, Medieval, Victorian, Western, 1920s, Horror/Supernatural.

Our events can be run just about anywhere and We have previously run events in hotels, a Napoleonic fort and even on board a steam train.

All events include high standards of presentation including costume, set-dressing, special effects and individual packs for attendees.

We currently only take on a very few commissions although do run various public events.

Murder Mystery
Live Action Roleplay
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