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Last Chance Saloon

Set within the boomtown of Fiddlers Creek, lies the Last Chance Saloon - a haven for drinkers, dreamers, outlaws and gamblers. Gold fever has gripped this region in an air of opportunity with prospectors staking their claims in the nearby hills. Gunshots echo through the hills as desperate gun fights erupt. Dreams are being forged in violence and the "peacemakers" are far from peaceful.

For the few, money and good fortune can be made in Fiddlers Creek but many find their names on a cheap head stone in the local cemetery. All journeys start and end in the Last Chance Saloon.



A quiet fishing boat cut through the morning mist like a silent grey ghost. The fishermen paid it no heed as it edged closer to the small landing jetty. When it showed no signs of slowing down men began to shout warnings and they waved their arms frantically at the empty deck of the boat. Moments later the boat tore into the jetty splintering the wooden frame before coming to a grim halt. The boat was deserted and scrawled on the deck were the following words: ‘Give us what we want and we’ll go away’ That was three days ago now and the unrelenting storms have destroyed many homes forcing the inhabitants to congregate in the village hall. People have vanished into the storm and whispers of strange sightings grip this small community in fear.


Truth Takes Time

Agents have been invited to attend an annual seminar on new operational practices and equipment. Rumours indicate that an unnamed VIP will be in attendance and this person’s identity is being kept very quiet. Beneath the thin veneer of secrecy a growing sense of unrest is stirring. A DISO (UK Region) Living Spycraft Larp.


Delusions of Satan

Salem Village, Massachusetts Colony. 1692. It is seventy-one years after the pilgrims landed at Plymouth and England has not yet signed a formal charter. The new world, still a wilderness frontier has no clear governing body. The winters are bitterly cold, there is little food or dry wood to burn and hostile Indians threaten. The only existing law is provided by the Puritan Church, which demands that individual sins be cleansed through public humiliation. Into this world a handful of people are about to unleash a terror so great that it will forever curse the town of Salem.


Haute Couture

In an unprecedented move by the British Fashion Council, Minehead will kick off the international fashion season with ‘Haute Couture’. This is the fashion industry’s most prestigious award ceremony and each of the finalists will stop at nothing to win the title of Fashion Company of the Year. Dig beneath the glitz and glamour of a shallow world and see just how far designers will go to be the best.


Bancroft Haunted

Situated in the sweeping valleys of the Mendip hills lies the picturesque village of Bancroft. With it's thatched cottages and cobbled streets this was once a retreat for Charles the first and still boasts an old hunting lodge.

Encircling the village are the remains of an ancient stone circle estimated to be 5000 to 6000 years old. Nathan Aubrey, an astute businessman from London and recent inhabitant to Bancroft has developed a keen interest in the stones. It is his intention to renovate the stone circle to its former glory in an attempt to draw in tourism for the village. Some of the villagers are vehemently opposed to the plans of Nathan Aubrey desiring instead to keep out unwanted visitors who may spoil the peace of Bancroft. Despite these protests Nathan has continued his work and the circle has now been restored.

During the renovation work certain strange events have occurred which has only served to antagonise the continued protests of the villagers. Thick fog has encompassed the village of late, which is unusual for this time of year. The local farmer, Henry Mead, found his entire herd of dairy cows drowned in the shallow river of Croft Brook. With this latest incident, Henry Mead has called for a village meeting in 'The Red Lion' to discuss putting a stop to the renovation work. Nathan Aubrey has not been invited.


The Wake

Edward had always been a solitary man. He spent his life in that dark foreboding house set in acres of wild gardens, pondering over some long forgotten book. It was Maggie who kept the place maintained. He never let anyone else in the house. It was Maggie who found him. Pale sunlight lay on grey stretched skin, the cold lips flecked with crimson. His jaw, still and wide screamed silently in the eternity of death. Ten days later the horror of that grisly find still haunts her. A heart attack they had said. But no one could explain that look


Shadow Work

"Transys Neuronet and Zeta-ImpChem announce, WorkWare, a break through in cybernetic and chemical co-coordinated technologies that will revolutionize the skilled human resource needs of the world’s mega corporations. The launch party promises entertainment, gambling, and a chance to meet one of the hottest simsense stars of the decade. Behind the scenes are hidden agendas, inter-corporate grudges, revenge, blackmail and corporate espionage."


Saints and Sinners 2

Set in amongst the bustling nightlife of Hong Kong stands the exclusive nightclub and casino ‘Saints and Sinners’. Well known for it’s high standards, the club attracts many wealthy businessmen. Beneath it’s polished exterior lies a tarnished image corrupted by secrecy and crime. Saints and Sinners is espionage LARP incorporating some of the world’s secret services dedicated to further the aims of their respective countries. A sequel to Saints and Sinners by popular demand.


La Nuit D'Intrigue

Set in the court of King Louis XVI of France, a masked ball has been arranged for Queen Antoinette’s birthday. The ball will be a lavish occasion with a guest list to include the Cardinal de Rohan, Count Cagliostro, Comte Saint-Germain, Princess Elizabeth and Emperor Leopold II.


Saints and Sinners

Set in amongst the bustling nightlife of Hong Kong stands the exclusive nightclub and Casino ‘Saints and Sinners’. Well known for it’s high standards the club attracts many wealthy businessmen and visitors alike, offering privacy and entertainment. Beneath the polished exterior lies a tarnished image corrupted by secrecy and crime. A hotbed of information affecting many countries draws the secret services into its web of intrigue and hushed whispers.


New Kingdom: Underworld

"New Kingdom - Underworld" at Drakcon 2002. A fantasy campaign by Mystery In Mind. In the beginning there were four Creators or elemental forces. They created 'The New Kingdom' a playground if you like. Then came the playthings...the Gods. But they became out of hand...multiplying like rabbits, perhaps they might even overthrow the Creators themselves.


A Distant Dream

"A Distant Dream" Clinical research has begun for a new miracle sleeping tablet in a remote research facility in Scotland. Professor Stewart MacFarlane was once renowned for his speciality in the area of sleep disorders. Five years ago, the professor dropped away from public view. No-one had seen or heard from the professor until now......


The Witching Hour

"The Witching Hour" at Fort Widley, Portsmouth. A horror event based on Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu (set 1890's). Blackened stones upon a windswept hilltop are all that remain of the old Carmichael house. The area has long been shunned as a haunt of evil memory and few remain who will speak of it. Recently the area has been acquired by Jonathon Seagrave whose curiosity has uncovered some startling discoveries that lie beneath the ruins of the old Carmichael residence.


The New Kingdom

"The New Kingdom" at Drakcon 2001. A new fantasy campaign by Mystery In Mind. In the beginning there were four Creators or elemental forces. They created 'The New Kingdom' a playground if you like. Then came the playthings..the Gods. But they became out of hand..multiplying like rabbits, perhaps they might even overthrow the Creators themselves.

The In Between

"The In Between" at Drakcon 2001. A horror game based on Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu. You have been invited (one way or another) to a private gathering to view a rather unusual 'object' discovered from the Antarctic wastes. The experts who have viewed this object have offered little explanation and maybe you could offer a different approach or avenue of investigation. Please be aware, however, the location is remote and mobile phones are unlikely to work. There is however a landline..isn't there?

Temptation waits

"Temptation Waits" at Drakcon 2000. A political game based on White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension. A severe breach of reality has occurred although the cause has yet to be identified. Rumours of mages disappearing has led to fingers pointing. Several members of the Technocracy have defected or have they? Conrad Bernstein, a respected member of the Celestial chorus has called a meeting of all Tradition mages in the area to investigate the recent events.

Bad Blood

"Bad Blood" at Nocturnal 2000. A political game based on White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. Several deaths in kindred society led to the Malkavian Prince gathering all clans together to investigate. Even the Assamites and Setites were invited. The investigation led to the discovery of a secret group called the KIQ. But who are they and what is there purpose?


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